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Outofdanger.com group projects related to the computer security, the design and creation of hardware of security by means of the use of contracted systems. These projects are protected to a large extent by Licenses GPL, in addition to Linux like operating system.

The Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual - OSSTMM
In the world of the computer security just as in other professions exists bad professionals, offering to the companies "security audit" that often is made bad or makes by people without experience or who directly do not know what they do. One of the great utilities of audit GPL is that the clients know the tests who have been made during the audit, and the auditor, can be sure that with the use of methodology Open Source he is make a worthy work.

Systems Embebeds for the computer security - Linux Embebed
The located companies of computer security in Spain, and can that in Europe, usually is mere "Partners" of salesmen of security hardware. They do not count in his majority with own department of investigation and development, nor usually they use tools developed by them. It is for that reason necessary to impel the hardware of security for the development of a security product industry. The embebed systems are the suitable point where to begin the fruitful development of these tools. Between the projects started up we will begin with the development of firewalls in floppy disk, for its later adaptation to a hardware with flash memory, similar to firewalls the commercial ones.

The Open Source Code practice for Information Security Management - ISO 17799
"This standard gives recommendations for information security management for use by those who are responsible for initiating, implementing or maintaining security in their organization. It is intended to provide a common basis for developing organizational security standards and effective security management practice and to provide confidence in inter-organizational dealings. Recommendations from this standard should be selected and used in accordance with applicable laws and regulations".

Esteem that ISO 17799 will be in march for September of this year. I believe that it is very useful that the professionals of the security, know it and are prepared for their arrival. As well as the companies know their possible applications to improve the good practices of security of their company. Between the projects started up GPL ISO 17799 are born that it looks for to unite knowledge on the subject and to generate one accessible methodology Open Source for all.

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