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Code of practice for information security management (ISO 17799) . This standard gives recommendations for information security management for use by those who are responsible for initiating, implementing or maintaining security in their organization. It is intended to provide a common basis for developing organizational security standards and effective security management practice and to provide confidence in inter-organizational dealings. Recommendations from this standard should be selected and used in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

This project tries to create the methodology adapted for the correct use of the recommendations of the ISO, putting in practice the recommended policies, whose result will allow to define tools and applications that the fast adaptation of the companies allows to the standard ISO.

This project is under license GPL, or open code.

The project is being developed with the collaboration of Sourceforge http://www.sourceforge.net. It can find the main page of the project in the direction   https://sourceforge.net/projects/iso17799/  

You can contribute in the development of this project, or know still more in the Web of ISO17799 in Sourceforge.